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Title: "Studies from the Figure"
Artist: A-A Pattee Canyon Ladies Salon
Size: 9x5
Price: $200.00

Gallery 709 is honored to host the Pattee Canyon Ladies Salon with an exhibition called Studies from the Figure. Under normal circumstances, these artists would gather once a month to draw the figure and show in the Brunswick Gallery at the end of August. In order to distance, the space inside Gallery 709 in Montana Art and Framing will give them a bigger space plus they are showing more work. There will be a limit on how many go into the gallery at once, but there will be plenty of outside seating and tables with refreshments. The artists are Nancy Erickson, Stephanie Frostad, Kristi Hager, Becki Johnson, Beth Lo, Leslie Van Stavern Millar, Shari Montana, Linda Tawney, and Janet Whaley. Wear a mask and enjoy the art and outdoor views. The new exhibition is Oct. 2-23, and there is a reception Oct. 2, from 5-9pm. at 709 Ronan Street, Missoula. Call 541-7100 for information or check

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